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Hi there!

My name is Denise Seegers and I am an Animator and Illustrator based in the Netherlands. Ever since I was little I was drawing and making up stories.

Eventually I studied Animation Design at ArtEZ University of Arts in Zwolle and after graduation I kept pushing myself to learn more.

I started to participate in both online and offline courses to learn more about Motion Design. Beside these in depth courses I worked on several freelance projects and I also started teaching others how to draw in Adobe Photoshop.

In the past years I’ve been part of some fun and challenging projects.
For example;

I have worked on several theater productions for “Het Nationaal Theater” and “Het Zuidelijk Toneel” where my animations were being used on stage.

IFCHAN- Het Zuidelijk Toneel

Oma is een avatar- Het Nationaal Theater

I had the opportunity to work on my very own animation short “Memoria”.

I collaborated with several other animators and illustrators.

On the projects page and resume you can find out more about my (ongoing) work and projects.

If you like to contact me for more information or commissions you can email me on