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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms for commissions

  • You can always request me to do a commission. I do all kinds of (full body) characters, animals or still lives. I’m always open for new ideas to expand my portfolio. Shoot me a question if you want to know if I would draw a certain thing.
  • I love drawing everything that has a fantasy, horror, victorian or steampunk theme. Don’t hesitate to ask me for something like that.
  • If you commission me, you will get either the digital file or I will print it for you. Depending on what you want. The price will increase if I print it for you and send it per post to you.
  • I will always try my best to carefully pack and send the print to you. If the print gets lost in the post or gets damaged, I’m not responsible for it. I can send it with insurance, but that will cost extra. I can send you a new one. But the cost for a new print and shipping will be for you, or I will send a digital file ready to print. If it’s a traditional piece. I will always make sure I have a highquality scan of it and I will print it on high quality paper. You will only pay for the printing and shipping.
  • You can also personally pick up a print if you are nearby or when I’m attending a con. Just let me know.
  • All rights of the illustration will belong to me. That means I will have the right to put it in my portfolio or social media. If you don’t want that. You will have to pay an additional fee. If it’s a surprise for someone, I will wait until the gift is given.
  • If you want to share my artwork on your social media, you’ll always have to tag and credit me.
  • I won’t print and sell your commission. The design is only for you.
  • If you want a digital file, you can only print it out for yourself. It’s plagiarism to print out the illustration and sell it and therefore not allowed.
  • If you commission me, you need to pay me at least 50% upfront, before I start.
  • You are responsible to send me very clear instructions on what to draw. If you want to change something in the illustration that wasn’t in your instructions, you will have to pay extra. If it’s my mistake, then the change is for free.
  • When I am working on the illustration you will get 2-3 feedback oppurtunities (depending on the difficulty of the illustration). Don’t hesitate to give me feedback (within reason), if you don’t like something and want it changed. Do you want more feedback rounds? Then you can buy additional ones.
  • I always have the option to cancel a commission if I think I can’t make it for any reason. You will get your full payment back of course.
  • If you cancel the commission for any reason, and I’ve already started you will lose the 50%. You will get the digital file with the unfinished Illustration. Even if it’s just a messy sketch. If you cancel before I start with the illustration you will pay me 15% as a cancellation fee. Think carefully before you commission me.
  • When you commission me, you will get on a waiting list. I will contact you when I can start on your commission. You’ve to pay me the 50% then.
  • Do I need to prioritize your illustration? Then you will pay 25% on top. Depending on the difficulty of the illustration it will take 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • I won’t give money back, in the feedback moments you’ve plenty of oppurtunity to give me feedback if you want something changed. Think carefully before you commission me.

Things I won’t draw

  • Hyper realistic digital paintings
  • NSFW content
  • Something in a specific style I don’t have in my portfolio
  • Your OC together with an existing character from any fandom

If I think the commission is not to my taste. I won’t do it.